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About Caprock Capital

Caprock Capital is a North American focused investment corporation specifically targeting, value-oriented and event-driven investments. Caprock is agnostic to sectors ranging from mining, technology and CPG products.  We invest predominantly in equities and can be opportunistic across the capital structure.  We seek to maximize the opportunity set of investment candidates allowing for the selection of unique, concentrated bets to generate uncorrelated returns.  We can take minority positions or significant positions in companies.  We view our strategy is the correlation of underlying value and event driven opportunities.


Caprock Capital is drawn to mining due to its potential for significant returns and the opportunity to contribute to the global supply of essential minerals.


Caprock Capital sees great potential in the technology sector due to its rapid innovation, transformative impact on various industries, and the ability to drive significant value creation and disruption in the market.


Caprock Capital is attracted to the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for its stable demand, strong market presence, and potential for long-term growth and profitability.

Other industries

Caprock Capital maintains an open-minded approach and remains receptive to exploring opportunities in various industries beyond mining, CPG, and technology.

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